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About Us

We provide the services to help you achieve your web development and design goals, all at a low cost. After completing the necessary courses and certifications, our Kable Academy alumni are well-educated in not only foundational web development and design, but also the latest updates and advancements of the information technology industry. Our mission is to provide our clients with an exceptional talent for their web servicing needs while also creating a professional development opportunity for our students.

You will get the help you need and in turn, help an IT professional further their career.

Who We Are & What We Do

Changing lives, one cohort at a time

At Kable Academy, we’re about changing lives. We put tech careers within reach for those willing to explore a life in IT. We are change agents, who wield the tools of education, accessibility, and connection.

We care about where our students go from here. We’re in the business of providing opportunity for everyone who is up for the challenge. We are committed to diversity.

We know and support our partner employers, providing introductions to candidates with the right skills and attitude.  We organically serve the local IT markets filling local IT jobs. We accept the challenge to change the technology ecosystem. Our mission is creating the kinds of opportunities with the power to put someone’s career life on a whole new trajectory.

We do it one cohort at a time.


The Kable Academy Story

In recent years the technology industry has grown at unprecedented rates and it’s not slowing anytime soon. Businesses and organizations are having to adapt to the ever-changing technology ecosystem and it is proving a big problem for some to keep up. In June of 2020, we officially launched the Kable Academy, a technology bootcamp that is dedicated to filling the tech gap in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Our mission is to allow students to turn their passion for IT into a fulfilling professional career.

This is where you become a part of our story. Our students are eager to get to work and showcase the skill sets they have perfected in our various programs. From web development and design to cybersecurity to IT support, they have it covered.

Now let’s start the next chapter together.

Our Team At Work

What Our Clients Say

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Josh Guttman
Partner of Kable Group